Hyrum Koenig

August 13, 1958 ~ May 12, 2020

Hyrum Koenig passed away in Bountiful, Utah, May, 2020.

He was born in an elevator at LDS hospital, Salt Lake City; the youngest child in a large immigrant family. Church was a place he gladly went as it was the social center where the seeds of friendship were sown.

After attending Salt Lake City public schools, where he majored in social life, he moved on to Utah Technical College and University of Utah.
Hyrum’s father and older brothers taught him the craft of carpentry. Hyrum became a natural; a gifted, accomplished finish carpenter. Hyrum built some uniquely beautiful pieces of furniture in his early days. Later, he enjoyed the opportunity to join his family in crafting custom sound studios for famous musicians.

Hyrum worked many years at the car dealership. He truly cared about his customers, especially the regulars whom he looked forward to seeing if only, for the good conversation and the stories about their vast and varied lives. He also enjoyed the daily company of many of his coworkers over the years.

Hyrum had an encyclopedic knowledge of cars; the details at the tip of his tongue; not only the brand he sold for 15 years, but all cars.
For Relaxation, he loved to cook whenever possible.

For Satisfaction, he quietly did a great deal of charity and volunteer work including substantial work at the 2002 Winter Olympics. His favorite was the annual Tim Dahle Infinity, U.S. Marines, Toys for Tots event. He worked hard to produce it each year as it became bigger, with the giant American Flag as its centerpiece, it grew into a patriotic affair.

For Delight, Joy and Happiness he was blessed with 3 marvelous children.

Holly VanCott honored Hyrum by naming his first grandson Kohen. Hyrum was “over the moon.” Holly is a lovely, hardworking, self-motivated young woman with whom he enjoyed many long conversations over the years. She once commented that their relationship was more like friends than father/daughter.

Hyrum was unabashedly proud of his son, Tyler Koenig. When Tyler was attending the Paul Mitchell School, Hyrum was so proud. Hyrum constantly told us stories of Tyler’s progress and achievements. He would explain that Tyler is a natural talent, artist, craftsman in so many varied areas. Tyler is a visionary who can envision a concept or project and then follow it through to bring it to life. Tyler has especially enjoyed working on professional events and photo shoots. He has an extensive portfolio.

Teisha Hawley is a dynamic young woman. She gifted Hyrum with Family; the feeling of welcome inclusion and acceptance. He adored her children. At family occasions, he would hang on their every word. Hyrum paid careful attention to the children’s special interest and then tried to support them. At Teisha’s home he was able to revel in the warmth of the entire extended family.

Hyrum was blessed with two loyal lifetime friends. His ex-wife, Pam Koenig, and his best friend, Kerry Boyak. They always magically appeared when needed and they provided a trusted soft shoulder for him to land. This continued until the very end.

Hyrum had a broad and interesting Life, full of countless fascinating people. Hyrum was a people person. He was a true gentleman.

Hyrum is preceded in death by his parents, Heinz and Irmgard Koenig. He is survived by his children Holly VanCott, Tyler Koenig, Teisha Hawley and four grandchildren; his ex-wife Pam Koenig; best friend Kerry Boyak; his siblings Daniela Woods, Karl-Heinz Koenig, Gerhard Koenig, and Elke Brown.

We wish to honor him. We wish him peace and rest as he moves toward his next Journey. To borrow a line from his friends: “Fly High and Travel Well”.

Services were provided by Larkin Mortuary.